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Top 3 mistakes marketers are making in 2018


The world of Marketing is ever growing and always evolving. From bus ads to billboards to the way we interact with brands online, Marketing has no limits. It’s everywhere we go and more importantly, influences the way we purchase and consume goods and services. That’s why it always has to be a growing industry to suit consumer’s needs first.

Genuine relationships in today’s marketing world are what counts. It’s a fact that people trust people. So with trends on the horizon, and old campaigns on the shelf - let’s look at the 4 marketing mistakes that should be left in the past and not brought into 2018.

Following traditional social media tactics.

More and more people are blocking ads, it’s as simple as that. Tossing up a paid social media campaign through the traditional outlets (i.e. Facebook’s ads manager, Twitter ad creator and LinkedIn Ads Manager) are not getting the results they use to be. Even when you try to switch up the targeting, people are increasingly blocking ads on their browsers, gaming apps and mobile devices. People are tired of sponsored posts and pushy ads in their feeds - they want to make the decision for themselves to research, discover and buy new products and services online.

Try a more genuine approach and strive for quality over quantity. Generate content that’s informative and helpful, rather than publishing a piece for the sake of playing the numbers game. Your audience will thank you and your SEO score will grow before your eyes. Organic reach and referrals are some of the highest quality leads that can come to your site. With a strong SEO and outbound marketing strategy you can begin to pull attract high quality leads with.

Thinking your brand message is unique.

If you have a good product, it’s very possible you have quite a few competitors in the market. That’s why brand messaging is important for internal teams to follow suit, however it’s not the only thing going for your business.

People recognize paid social posts through influencers, Instagram just changed their legislation around #sponsored, #ad and #ambassador, which means influencer marketing has just turned a corner. Not to fret, working with influencers who are transparent about what they are pushing and why they love it is important. People trust other people, and in an ever distancing digital world, it’s the reviews and ratings of others that really impact consumer’s purchasing behavior. Don’t push a message, focus on aspects of quality, results, and how you’re helping rather than what you’re saying.

Not putting your consumers first.

Understanding their buying behavior is one thing, but what about their journey? How are they discovering and digesting sales messaging? Is it ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Try it for Free’ that resonates with them? Step in your consumers shoes once in a while to understand their need for your product or service before you push your sales and marketing messaging.

People want to discover the brands they buy from. Influencer Marketing has helped expedite this process by getting in front of people who are interested without seeming pushy or spammy. But it comes back to the new guidelines Instagram has introduced. Try to be as genuine and authentic in your reach as possible. Don’t work with influencers for the sake of getting into a ‘hot market’, pick the ones that truly align with your brand, your product, and what you’re trying to sell online.

Don’t make one of these mistakes. While you try to evolve from a more traditional marketing strategy to a modern one, don’t just jump off the bridge because everyone’s doing it. Research, take your time and learn more about your audience than you think is possible before going live with a new campaign or marketing tactic.

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