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Top 10 Best Marketing Influencers to Follow on Twitter


Twitter is dead… so they say. We don’t agree. Twitter is a social feed to share, digest and follow accounts that post valuable and insightful articles. Sure, some Twitter profiles can be used as a stream of your latest weekend adventures (come on, keep that to Insta’) but for the most part Twitter can be used as a vast resource of knowledge for specific topics - in this case, Marketing.

Marketing is an ever growing and always evolving industry. To keep up with the trends, hot topics and conversations, Twitter is a great tool to stay immersed. It’s been studied that the average lifespan of a tweet in 2017 is 6 seconds long!! Having content that stands out and provides true value to your audience will help increase that lifespan, but more about that later…

Here are the top 10 best Marketing account to follow on Twitter (if you haven’t already):

1. Joel Carlson

Correlating the relationship between social media and real-life relationships, Joel Carlson shares marketing material related to everyday life. A helpful account to follow for understanding new trends and growing your resources on how marketing works. 

Joel Carlson 


Founder of @SociabilityMrkt. Impassioned by people, places, tech, photography & design. Usually gluten-free.

 2. Rebecca Coleman

 Ever heard the saying 'practice what you preach'? Well, Rebcca (a Social Media Instructor) does exactly that. With helpful blogs written by herself, seems like she always has a pulse on new trends and tools to increase your efficiency online. A bonus to following her is if you want a spotlight on food, she's an author of her own cookbook (mmmm) and social media all in one place!

Rebecca Coleman


Social Media Marketing Instructor (@BCIT). Social Media, Food & Travel Blogger. Solo Mama. Caffeine-fuelled shenanigan-seeker. "Aquafabulous" cookbook author.

 3. Peg Fitzpatrick

The queen of social media. As an author of her own blog, books, and social media courses, Peg doesn't miss a beat with all things social media marketing. Our favorite? Her blog on 'How to Create an Influencer Strategy for your Brand'. 

Peg Fitzpatrick 


 Rockin' a positive attitude Social media speaker and author Instagram + Pinterest #visualmarketing #DIYdesign  

4. Adam Jones

You know how sales and marketing are always aligning? Well, that's the dream anyways. Adam is a tech sales ethusiast (hence his bio), he's a great follow to get keep up to date with the latest technology trends (think Google updates, tech startups, and new systems) mixed with financial sector and sales articles.

Adam Jones Vancouver 


Tech sales enthusiast. Director of Inside Sales at Agreement Express. Football fanatic in my spare time. #EFC

 5. Dana Garrison

As an influencer, Dana helps brands get more visibility, traffic, and sales for their products and services. She is the founder of the Entrepreneur and Small Business Institute - so she has live communities as well as online communities that follow her. She produces some of the highest sales figures for the companies she has worked with as an influencer. Follow her Twitter and Snapchat account to get easy-to-digest broadcasts on marketing, business, and social media!!

Dana Garrison 


Influencer Marketing, Social Media Campaigns & Business Consulting. Live Video & SnapChat Trainer. Speaker. HuffPo. Inc. VR. Travel.

6. Lilach Bullock

Talk about brand consistency. Lilach (love the name!) focuses on conversions, aka what everyone struggles to optimize. This is a great follow for small businesses, inividuals new to marketing or simply overwhelmed by the many tactics you're told will 'increase conversions by x%' but never do.  

Lilach Bullock UK 


Professional Speaker, Lead Conversion Expert, Social Media Specialist & Occasional Diva. Proud mum

 7. Kristy Gillent

 Love a good Twitter chat? We know we do! Kristy founded #ChatSnap on Wednesdays to discuss all things Snapchat in the marketing world! Her experience in journalism leaves her with a foot ahead when it comes to blogging about seriously intriguing articles.

Kristy Gillent 



Longtime journalist (print, TV, radio, digital). PR/SM consultant. VP, @DriveWestComm. Founder/Host of #ChatSnap Twitter Chat (Wed, 2pmET). Speaker at #SMDayHou


 8. Michelle Ruiz

It's always good to have legal advice in terms of Marketing. Partaking in popular trends such as Influencer Marketing and paid advertising come with risks. Understand the legality of these marketing activities and how to prevent any crises by following Michele today! 

 Michele Ruiz


Entrepreneur | Speaker | Author | Former Journalist & News Anchor | Communications, Content Marketing, Social Media |  | @RuizStrategies

 9. Austin Luliano

Want to make money, increase your productivity and laugh while doing it all? Austin has a great Twitter feed combining humor and inspirational/informational blog shares for getting your business (or personal brand) off the ground and running! 

Austin Luliano 


Award Winning Keynote Speaker Digital Influencer, Marketer. I love making people laugh and teaching social media.

 10. Adel De Mey

Social media and business go hand in hand, and Adel makes that happen. WIth content such as 'Should your CEO have Social Media?' she's blurring the line between 

Adel De Mey 


New Media Specialist | Speaker | Mentor | Author @TheNextWeb | Brand Influencer | Fashion, Travel and Body Positive | I love Coffee, Tech and Creative minds!

 These may only be a small list of social media superstars but they're the ones we found most helpful keeping up with the marketing and social media trends. Would you add anyone to the list? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear new and upcoming superstars ⭐️

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