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The Top 4 New Marketing Activities you Need in your 2018 Budget

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Here are the top 4 new marketing activities you need in your 2018 budget.

Budgeting for the new year can be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s a fresh start to place the budget weights on your top ROI activities, and also leave some aside to try new growth tactics! Want to know where to start? Here is a list we think you should prioritize:

Video marketing

Video is increasingly becoming the go-to content for consumers to digest on their buying journey. The downfall is for small business and startups alike, video is expensive. From purchasing (or renting) the equipment, to filming on location and editing the footage - both time and costs remain high. Even if you have the budget to hire professional agencies to craft, film, and edit it for you, the chances are that it’s not being distributed and digested by your consumers the way you’ve hoped. Drive real metrics with personalized video, catering the message to an audience rather than an individual. Video is one of the highest engaged content in 2017, so why not carry it over to the new year and optimize your practices.

Personalized video, it’s the best way to engage with customers and keep them listening.

Meghan Hefford

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Autoloyalty

Advertising & Sponsored Content

While ad-blocking and sponsored content may seem on the rise, it’s still what businesses are investing in. With expandable reach, targeted messaging and strong goals, a paid advertising campaign can be greatly successful! Email is one of the largest marketing tools in e-commerce, and business development practices, so building a strong list of quality leads is key to growing those metrics that matter (open rates, CTR, response rates, etc.). By combining the powers of boosted or paid ads, with the proper email capturing tactics, marketers and business owners alike have seen a huge increase in conversion!

LinkedIn advertising [has] introduced so many new ways to sponsor content and target specific industries that it’s a no brainer for us

Michaela Alexis

Speaker, Viral Content Creator & Espresso-Fuelled Entrepreneur

[Secondly] ads to build my email list. I'll come up with in-depth lead magnets for my SaaS email list (already have one for freelancers), drive signups, continue to deliver value via email, and look for opportunities to deliver even more value through paid offerings.

Josh Garofalo

SaaS Conversion Copywriter & owner of SWAYCOPY

Influencer marketing

Everyone thinks it but nobody does it - talking to your customers. Understanding what their needs are and how they interact with the buying cycle is crucial and there’s a new tool to help you do just that. It’s about getting closer to your potential customers through the influential social gurus who can alter their buying behaviour. Sounds easy, don’it? With micro-influencers, it’s relatively cheap and an extremely successful way to grow the metrics that continually frustrate you. Micro-influencers are the individuals with following between 2,500 and 100,000 who post and talk about specific topics. The second you land on their social page, a word comes to mind; mommy blogger, foodie, travel enthusiast, fashionista - and many more!

Finding the perfect influencer for your brand means synthesizing your brand’s benefits to their everyday posts. For example, a travel enthusiast probably doesn’t care about a vacuum as much as a mommy blogger does. Simple yet overlooked practices such as that can make or break your campaign. Once you find them, begin to educate them about your brand, making them a brand ambassador and a real-life user! Grabbing the feedback from their followers will give you more insight into your customers buying patterns and feedback than ever before!


Influencer Marketing is one of the most effective ways for a brand to tell their story, build their community, and generate traffic and revenue. Entire brands are being built off of it.
However, it’s much more complex than the simple pay-to-post model which may have worked 3 years ago and many brands don’t know how to do it in an effective and trackable way.
We have generated the greatest results through a process we call the Influencer Acension Model (tm) that combines DATA and QUALITY, COMPELLING CONTENT.

Patrick Cahill

Coach at The Disruptive

Employee Engagement

What’s more important than keeping your employees happy, educated and engaged? Not much else. That’s why the top aspect people are adding to their 2018 budget is employee engagement practices. Whether it be better onboarding and training sessions using software such as Axonify, or having a better suited HR hiring process, such as, there needs to be an employee-centric focus moving forward. When your employees have the tools and knowledge to excel in their work and everyday life, they’ll be rocking more than a smile everyday!

The one activity we're adding budget for in 2018 is employee engagement. We want to make sure Communitech-ers have the power and tools to share news about Communitech programs and members across their networks and build up their own personal social profiles.

Alex Kinsella

Digital Marketing Manager, Communitech

Whether it be a marketing activity you already practice or adding more budget to allow for internal optimization, 2018 is a fresh start for many companies to ring in the new year strong. It all comes down to a few basics; understanding your client, reaching them and giving your internal team the tools they need to engage, recruit, and connect with others. Knowing how to divide and conquer your 2018 budget will help you succeed at the things that work best for your business.




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