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The Strategy of Warming Your Influencers Up for Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign


Influencer marketing sounds simple: you select a group of social media users who you think would make great brand cheerleaders, you reach out to them, they do a few posts and BAM, you instantly notice a spike in your social following. But what some brands will quickly start to realize is that once they start reaching out to these brand cheerleaders, half of them don’t even respond to the first reach out. Why? As experts in this field, we’re here to explain and help you understand.

Every client we work with to strategically select a group of micro-influencers (those with 1K-10k followers) using Socialpeeks, has a different goal on what they’re looking to achieve. Once we have a clear vision in mind as to how many influencers they’d like to work with, how many followers they’d like to see them have, and what they’re willing to give them in return (because no one's about to do this for free!), we can begin our reach out strategy.

From the influencer’s perspective, they are receiving yet another DM to their asking them if they’re like to be a brand ambassador for a product/event/service. There is no way to tell how often they receive these requests but you have to assume that if they have over 5,000 followers, you’re not the first brand to reach out to them. Not only that but there is yet to be an industry standard on the value of an influencer post. That’s why you have to carefully connect with them to proactively answer the question they will naturally have: “what’s in it for me”?  

The strategy is all in the warmup.

Ever receive a message over social media you know either a. didn’t come from a human or b. it came from a human that hit copy and paste? You’d be surprised how often agencies use these methods as a reach out strategy to potential influencers. It’s not personalized, lacks value from the influencer, nor is it effective. We get it – some brands just don’t have time to do the crucial warmup and reach out process but what you lack in time affects the quality of campaign you are about to execute. By sending out blanket “be our brand ambassador” reach outs, you run the risk of losing some of your top quality, high achieving influencers on your list. So here are some basic pointers you can take to ensure a better response rate from your rockstar influencers:

Follow them first. Message them later.

You can’t just go for the “work with us” DM without taking the time to engage with your influencers first. Like some of their past photos/tweets as it might relate to your brand or just ones you think were awesome. Creepy? Not at all. It’s a strategy to let them know you like their content. They will also be more likely to notice your engagement if there are a few interactions in a row and you’ve made significant impact on their post. To calm your creep-phobia, try to keep your engagement on the top 9 posts on Instagram or within a week on Twitter.

Pay attention and make it personal.

It doesn’t take much effort to get to know someone through their social media page. Making note of something small to include in your reach out message can catch the attention of your influencer and increase your odd of success. Like this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 9.33.23 AM.png

We understand it takes time and resources to be able to execute this type of strategy but that’s why there’s people out there that can help you (*cough Socialpeeks!). When done right, we’ve been able to secure a 95% response and participation rate from our reachouts and through to the influencer posts! (end sales plug here)

Clearly articulate what’s in it for them.

It’s important to clearly articulate the benefits for them up front for a couple of reasons. If they know exactly what they are getting in return for their social sharing, they can make a decision quickly whether or not they want to jump on board. This will potentially save you time and resources of trying to keep connect with them, if it turns out they aren’t interested in working with you. It’s also important to highlight the benefits your influencers will reap as a result of your campaign - they have the chance to increase social engagement, followers while also getting to try some free products/services. We advocate for rewarding micro-influencers with free products or services from the brand they will be social sharing for. Micro-influencers have a smaller audience so whereas celebrities and social media icons who get paid a lot of money to do one post, our target influencers are stoked to be receiving free stuff to share with their highly engaged audiences.  

There are a lot of moving parts in building a successful influencer marketing campaign and it all starts with warming your influencers up. There’s nothing worst than blasting out blanket brand ambassador requests because not only will you reduce your response rate, it can potentially be harmful on your overall brand image. You’d be surprised how many marketing tools help facilitate this type of strategy, or lack thereof so be weary of tools that allows you to click that button. If you feel like you don’t have time to do it, but want some insight on how we can help, contact don’t have time to do it which is why we are here to help.



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