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The Advantages of a Bada$$ Feature Update for your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign


You’re seeing it first!

As a startup, small wins have huge impact in many areas of your business - your team’s excitement and productivity. Your client’s happiness with your product. Your overall business momentum. It’s an exciting time.

We’ve worked hard to develop a revolutionary software that teases through millions of social profiles to find those winners - the influencers, or rather, genuine creators, of valued content that highly resonates with their organic followers. What we care about most is the accuracy in our software to select mutually beneficial micro-influencers who we can prove have high-engagement (meaning followers truthfully interact with photos), who share industry related brand content and putting any type of compensation aside, would actually BUY your product or service!

This is where our new feature is SUPER handy. And we think it’s so awesome we want to give you an inside look at two similar, but very different profiles to show you how this tool helps us get an accurate read on your reported influencers.

Disclaimer: keep in mind, the interactions on each post is high - they are on a macro level so they have millions of followers, but not all of them care about what they’re saying (or trust their opinion ;)….and although you’d gain some pretty cool street cred saying the Prime Minister or Prez uses your product, the point here is to show you just how important this new feature is to have during your next influencer marketing campaign.





As you can see in these two Instagram examples, each influencer’s dashboard compiles data which the system pulls into an aggregated view full of key insights to give you an idea of just how attractive each influencer is before you engage with them. The newest, coolest and bestest feature we’ve added is what I like to call the “cheat sheet peek” grid which pulls the top (most popular) 9 posts the influencer has posted (from either Instagram or Twitter), including the amount of “likes” and “comments” each photo received.

OK so why is this so badass? Here are some reasons why:

  1. This dashboard allows you to quickly peek at their profile and determine whether or not the influencer would be someone you’d like to work with. These top 9 posts will allow you to determine the main personal brand of each influencer without even visiting the social media platform itself. It will also be able to tell you if their followers actually care about what they’re saying.
  2. Instagram has this cool thing where you can post 10 pictures in 1 post. We’ve accommodated this within Socialpeeks as well. All the top posts will flip through post threads, as well as preview any videos the influencer has posted. #awesome
  3. There’s no need to leave Socialpeeks to get all the information you need. Aside from our cool new dashboard, you can also see common hashtags the influencers use, general themes (i.e. makeup, food), engagement rates (do they have influence?!), the most popular times they post, etc. You'll have to ask for a demo to see the rest ;) 
  4. Another cool advantage we’ve seen with this new feature is actually helping the influencer get inside their own profile to get inspiration for brand posts. While representing your brand, the influencer commonly asks “is there a specific picture you’d like used to accompany the message?”. We always say we want the posts to be authentic as possible and be “on brand”. We will show the influencer their top 9 posts to show them “hey, these are the posts your followers are most likely to engage with! Use these to give you inspiration!”. It has worked wonders.

There’s nothing worse than the thought of manually trying to find influencers on social media who we have no idea will help us spread some brand love about our product/service, and then trying to determine whether or not they will have influence with the followers they do have. So much time can be saved by using Socialpeeks and our team who is here to support a guaranteed successful influencer marketing campaign.

It’s also super important to remember that micro-influencers in particular hold a unique power not always measured by the number of followers they have - they have built a culture of social awareness and authenticity in their message within a diluted landscape that is difficult to break through the noise.

Socialpeeks, and this new Queen-B of a feature, helps you target these influencers and see first hand how genuine your new influencers are.





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