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Social LITE Vodka - Case Study

Social LITE has created a vodka cooler that has no sugar, no sweetener, and no artificial ingredients; each can is 80 calories, and gluten-free. Their customers value healthy lifestyles, but also enjoy a drink with their friends.

 They’re an upstart Canadian company, competing against national brands with big budgets. The amount of money spent on advertising alcohol brands has risen by over 400% over the last few decades. We’re not drinking any more than we were in the 70s, the market is just far more competitive.

Investing in traditional forms of digital marketing would be throwing money into a black hole: it’s nearly impossible for a brand to cut through that clutter. It’s easier for a trusted influencer to make an impact.

Why influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing works best when a brand has a compelling value proposition, a well-defined customer, and specific geographic target markets.

Instead of trying to yell in an already loud space, Social LITE decided to leverage real people: micro influencers.

How did Socialpeeks help?

Our team used Socialpeeks software to provide a customized list of potential hyper-local influencers in each market they wanted to make inroads into: Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. The list included health and fitness experts, nutritionists, yoga instructors, and other people who had built communities around living healthy. All of them have an active social life.

Connections were made with 320 potential influencers on Instagram, Twitter, or email. Social LITE offered the first 50 people to respond one free can to try and review.

What are the results?

The 50 influencers have a combined Instagram audience of 216,176, and their average engagement rate is 72. This means that if they each post only once, they’d generate a combined 3,600 likes or comments.

Let’s compare the engagement of our everyday influencers with a celebrity influencer:


50 Everyday

Jenny McCarthy

Cost for one post on Instagram



Number of followers



Socialpeeks Engagement Score**



Total engagement score assuming the everyday influencers post 2-3 times***



* This is the total cost of the campaign to find and activate 50 influencers, who each wrote one post. The numbers below of their followers and engagement score are aggregate totals for all 50 influencers.
** The Socialpeeks Engagement Score values comments higher than likes. So a comment is counted as 1, and a like is counted at 1/2. This means that an engagement score of 72 or 5,199 can actually have much higher numbers of likes. The 3,600 score for the Everyday Influencers is an aggregate total of the engagement scores of all 50 influencers. Their average engagement score was 72. 
*** You’ve contractually obligated Jenny McCarthy to post once. But real people tend to post multiple times, either to communicate more thoughts, or to respond to questions. We've multiplied 3,600 by 2.5 to show the engagement score that will be generated by influencers posting 2-3 times.

Looking at the table above, we can see already how much more effective the Everday Influencers can be: their combined 216,000 followers generate an engagement score of 9,000 while Jenny's 956,000 followers manage to spark an engagement of 5,199.

While engagement is important, it isn’t the only way of measuring the success of an influencer campaign. Many companies track brand awareness, growth in followers, sentiment analysis results, etc. Brands also track campaign results like registrants to a contest, or hits on a landing page.

However, success really comes down to sales. Will the followers of everyday influencers convert at the same rates as Jenny McCarthy’s?

Sales is King.

The more micro the influencer, the more authentic the message seems. This is important, because authenticity matters, especially to millennials. Socialpeeks helps you identify the potential influencers who are small enough that their messages are authentic, but large enough that they drive significant engagement.

If only 3% of people would consider buying a product endorsed by a celebrity, we have to assume that the best Jenny McCarthy’s going to be able to do for you is 3% of her 5,199 engaged followers. That’s 156 sales in a best case scenario.

Millennials, however, are 70% more likely to purchase a product endorsed by a non-celebrity, which means our everyday influencers will take the lead here too. Assuming a best case of a 7% conversion rate, we could expect to see 630 sales from the 9,000 engaged followers.

The advantage doesn’t just stay with millennials. 44% of all women who consider themselves social media savvy say that their buying decisions are influenced by trusted bloggers. The key word there is trusted. Authenticity has value that translates into dollars.

Return on Investment (ROI) is Queen.

The King is pretty important, but it's ROI that tells an amazing story.



50 Everyday

Jenny McCarthy

# of sales



$ in sales (assuming 1 sale = $9.95)



Amount of investment



ROI (Return on Investment)



So, what does it all mean?

Everyday influencer marketing is the new grassroots field marketing, and real people drive engagement that ends up converting. While there's only one Jenny McCarthy, it's easy to increase the number of influencers involved in your campaign and forecast the increase in sales that you could expect. Socialpeeks doesn't connect you to 50 people, it gives you the tool you need to consistently grow your network of engaging brand influencers.

Get started.

Socialpeeks is valuable software that helps you identify the everyday influencers that can make a difference for your brand. Give us a shout to get started!

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