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"Selling more tickets to your event or festival by using Micro-Influencers" (Published in the International Film and Events Association)


We're popping in to share with you some exciting news and showcase our recent feature in the International Film and Events Association's magazine (Volume 29, Issue 1 - Winter 2018)!

We were able to share some valuable insights into how micro-influencers can be extremely valuable in the events and festivals space. Through 2017, we worked with some big name North American festivals who noticed up 9x ROI on their investments into influencer marketing campaigns with Socialpeeks. So much so that we have continued with these clients into 2018 with the intention of making the results even more impactful. 

Have a read below and let us know how you think this could be valuable in helping you promote your 2018 upcoming events, festivals or films!





You can view the full publication here

Details on original publication:
"As published in the International Festivals & Events Association’s “i.e.: the business of international events” quarterly magazine. The premiere association supporting and enabling festivals and events worldwide. For more information on the IFEA, go to:"



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