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Micro-Influencer Marketing FOMO...don’t be a victim!

Remember the time you had a million dollars to book a celebrity social post for your brand, causing your sales to skyrocket? Yeah, neither do we.

No one cares anymore that Jennifer Aniston drinks SmartWater and endorses a bunch of other companies to add to her growing endorsement resume. It’s a traditional tactic larger brands still pour millions of dollars into to bring flashy new advertising campaigns mainstream in the hopes of catching people’s attention (*cough cough* have you seen Christina Aguilera’s new Oreo commercial). But for the rest of us, there’s a smarter way to reach eager and engaged audiences with your advertising dollars that are waiting to buy what you’re selling. If you haven’t guessed, it’s through strategically partnering with micro-Influencers.

There’s no business too small or too large to take advantage of micro-influencer marketing and it’s happening more often than you think. If you haven’t already thought of selling your product or service by affiliating with micro-influencers, you’re getting left behind. We know, major micro-influencer FOMO. Don’t worry though, it’s never too late to jump onboard and our platform might just be one of the best to help you achieve your marketing goals (we might be biased). But you might be thinking to yourself: “so what’s the difference between an influencer and micro-influencer and what’s in it for them”? Valid question and we can explain.

Research shows that micro-influencers, which are simply social media users with a smaller but more engaged follower base, are more effective than popular celebrities at promoting products & services through their platform (and they’re cheaper). They are social media users with a niche following that come across more authentic, genuine and trustworthy when sharing personal interests to their above-average number of followers. There is also evidence suggesting the more followers and post likes an influencer has, the less likely consumers are willing to buy what they’re “selling”. Think of it this way: if a beauty product collaborates with a celebrity who has an instagram following of 1-2 million, it reaches a lot of viewers, but how many of those viewers are beauty fans? How many are teenage males? How many are disengaged followers? See where we’re going with this? Alternatively, if the beauty brand aligned with 100 smaller micro-influencers (those with smaller but more targeted and engaged followers around the 1,000-20,000 mark), they can increase their chances of their product or services being purchased by those hyper-engaged followers who are desperately in need of a new blending brush or a kink-less hair ring.


So what does this mean for you? Well, a lot actually. We already know there are studies to show a higher ROI by using micro-influencers over celebrity influencers, and really any other type of digital marketing strategy too. You just need to know who those influencers are and where you can find them. We’ve designed a pretty cool software that does the work for you, ranking micro-influencers based on secret recipe of those with highly relevant audiences, engagement and likelihood of converted purchases.

Marketing and social media experts all agree that micro-influencer marketing is the future of promotional selling. This is largely due to the influencer’s trust with their followers, putting them in a unique position to sway consumer behaviour with genuine and relatable social media posts. Gone are the days of cold branded social posts. They don’t resonate with connected media users like you and I who are ad nagged on the daily (ad blocker anyone).

Dying to know more? Check out this short video John, our co-founder and CEO, filmed with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce to illustrate real-time effectiveness of the Socialpeeks platform. Let us know in the comments below how you'd want to use influencers to grow your reach and stretch your marketing dollars!




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