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Making Genuine Connections with Video

Making Genuine Connections with VideoThis blog post is apart of a 6-week series that - if you like, comment, or share - can be entered into win a pair of passes at the end of Webinar on July 27th.

Chances are, if you’ve landed on the Socialpeeks blog, you care about building real relationships with influencers, customers, and brand advocates. Although there are a lot of ways that relationships like this can be strengthened and managed, video is a tool with huge success rates. It’s also currently under-adopted, which means that your competitors probably aren’t using it effectively yet. There are a few easy ways that you can use video to cut through the noise and make genuine connections.

Use live video on social media platforms

Streaming live video gives your followers a chance to connect with you directly. Whether it’s an expert answering questions, an influencer takeover of your channel, or even a support specialist conducting live training, live video screams authenticity and personality.

More than 100 of the world’s 500 largest companies have video-based chat for customer services. They understand the trend of consumers wanting personal, human interactions, even in the digital world.

Although Millennials especially prefer content that’s created by peers rather than businesses, video that’s authentic and not over-produced can help brands level that playing field. Live video that allows people to connect with you directly helps you earn interest - and with the number of consumers using ad-block technology now, earned interest has more value than ever.

Share video Q&As

There are questions that your business gets asked over and over again. As a marketer, you’re probably used to gathering these questions and using them as blog topics. But what if you could respond quickly and informally as questions rolled in? Try using video as a way to respond to your social media following! These answers will make great content for your blog or knowledge centre, and are incredibly shareable.

Send video in your emails

The word “video” in a subject line of an email increases open rates by 19%, and increases clickthrough rates by 65%! Whether it’s including a link to one of those Q&As, product information, or a message directly to the recipient, people want to click that big play button, and they’re more likely to trust the words - you’ve put a face to them!

Personalize it!

Personalized video, whether it’s targeted to a segment, or personalized directly to an individual, is incredibly effective.

One of our favourite campaigns is Nike’s:


They used the information they’d gathered on their customers in a way that doesn’t feel creepy. Instead of hounding them throughout the internet with targeted ads on unrelated websites, Nike reached out directly to their users via email with a video that was motivational. It added value and was personalized in a way that strengthened the bond between brand and athlete. The videos were shareable from personalized microsites - a value add for the customer, and a win for the brand.

Remember, social media isn’t a fantasy world. It’s real life.

Like real life, you can’t outsource or schedule genuine and authentic human interaction. Video helps you put the real face of your brand in front of your influencers and customers: powerful stuff.

Kendra Ross, Oak & Rumble

Kendra Ross, whose background lies heavily in digital marketing has created her space in the video marketing world over the past year. She’s passionate about using storytelling to achieve real business goals!

To learn more visit or follow them on social @OakandRumble @_KendraRoss



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