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Let the Micro-Influencer Revolution Begin

Micro-Influencer Revolution.pngThis publication was originally written by Socialpeeks CEO & Founder, John Beresford, posted on LinkedIn

Introducing Influencer Marketing Campaign ConciergeTM  by Socialpeeks


If you are reading this I likely don’t need to convince you that Social Influencer Marketing is a monumental addition to the “marketer's toolbox”. Instead, I am assuming that you know all too well how influencer marketing generates amazing authentic content from trusted sources and delivers it to a built-in captive audience. Instead, I want to talk about what really matters: How the heck do I build and execute the best influencer marketing campaigns. This is the question our amazing customers ask of us every day.

At the heart of this issue are three burning questions:

  • how do I find the best influencers to leverage for my campaign
  • how do I recruit them into the campaign
  • how do I manage these social ambassadors and track the campaign results

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the answer to all 3 burning questions is now:


Campaign ConciergeTM  by Socialpeeks

The Campaign ConciergeTM gives marketers the unlimited power to access all public social profiles to find the ideal influencers (from social celebrities all the way down to local micro influencers) AND the simplicity to have these influencers engaged and recruited with the click of a button.


Socialpeeks has been a market leader in social influencer discovery, (allowing brands to analyze the followers of social accounts as well as capturing the post being created by these ideal influencers) and having worked intimately with to our customers to understand their needs Socialpeeks is now adding influencer recruitment and campaign tracking at a price point that is unheard of in the industry.

For $999 (USD) the Campaign ConciergeTM gives marketers unprecedented influencer discovery as well as up to 10 recruited influencers for any campaign! Socialpeeks will build the perfect list of social influencers and take care of the influencer engagement and recruitment. You, get to focus on what really matters, managing your amazing influencers.  

As any recently fired Agency or CMO will tell you, “a marketing campaign is only as good as the results that you can measure”, and that is why the Campaign ConciergeTM will also track and report on your Influencer’s post - so you know exactly what is happening in with your campaign.  Campaign ConciergeTM calculates engagement across your influencers post and helps you connect the dots between the campaign and real business results like website traffic, increases in your social following and sales.  

To recap: The Campaign ConciergeTM by Socialpeeks is a one of a kind solution that gives marketeers:

  • Full social analysis and influencer discovery (from celeb all the way to local micro - influencers)
  • Recruits influencers automagically
  • Tracks your entire influencer campaign

We have listened to you and delivered the world's most most robust influencer marketing platform at a price that will ensure a positive return on any campaign. Marketing agencies conducting influencer marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients or internal marketing teams for ambitious brands can all benefit from the ultimate social Influencer Marketing platform, the ConciergeTM.

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