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Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing?



If someone told you that Influencer Marketing started in 1937, would you believe them?

It’s true, in a short ‘Under the Influence’ podcast from Terry O’Reily (CBC), the story of Dale Carnegie, author of How to Make Friends & Influence People emerges. His success was found in breaking the barriers of his students in a small classroom in Harlem and evolving his success into “talking about what you know.” While these tactics can hold true to this day, quite a bit has changed in the marketing world over the past 80 years (so you would hope).

podcast.pngTake a listen to the episode here, free until April 11th!

It’s said that, “in the next five years, it will grow to become a $5B to $10B market,” yet so many people are ignoring the Influencer Marketing trend. Instead of another convincing blog post to jump into the Influencer Marketing world, we’re going to explain to you why a cut of your marketing budget would have the best ROI (cough cough 9x ROI according to VentureBeast) in an Influencer Marketing campaign.

1. Organic traffic is one of the highest converting traffic sources in marketing. Micro-influencers are considered organic traffic because their campaigns are genuine and organic in the sense that they don’t just post anything. Celebrities, with the right price tag, will generally post what they’re handed. Micro-influencers tend to do the research, play with the product and express their experience.

2. Ad blocking software is on the rise. People are blocking the targeted ads that ‘bug’ them in apps, on websites, and in their search history. Finding other ways to get into your customers peripherals isn’t hard, you just have to look in the right spots. Influencer marketing allows this connection with your customer, and they accept it as a valuable and genuine offer. Why? Like we said above, these influencers are experiencing the service or product before they ‘get social’ with it. So their audience and fan following trusts them to only represent the brands that are 100% effective and straight up awesome.

3. Video, interactive content, and image-rich campaigns. We practically just described influencer marketing in 3 words. These types of marketing material have the highest engagement - and they’re practically all that micro-influencers share. They care about their following, so when brands want to jump in on the action, they care about what the message is and how it comes across. This is like an extra layer of nurture and customer care that gets put into every single campaign.

4. Influencer Marketing ROI can’t be beat. As simple as that. With 6x ROI to every marketing dollar in 2015, influencer marketing is now averaging 9x ROI to every marketing dollar in 2017! With an increase in marketing spend in the next 25 years, the ROI is only going to continue to grow. The key to finding influencers who allow you to see this type of return is in their engagement rate and their followers adversity to their shared reviews or partnerships with brands.

5. This is the top one-size-fits-all marketing tool - Influencer Marketing can essentially be used across all industries and market types. It’s not like others that only acquire to brands, or only acquire to services, you can virtually use this tool for anything from fashion to construction - the range is endless.

Influencer-ship has finally stepped away from brands with deep pockets and influencers looking for big payouts - it’s the era of micro-influencers, and you better consider hopping on board before you miss the ship!

To learn more about how to get started with influencer marketing head to our personalized demo page or check out more information on Socialpeeks website.



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