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3 Reasons to Invest in Softwares for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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It’s no secret that Influencer Marketing is an extremely lucrative industry and is on track to be worth $22b next year. More people are investing and spending on influencer marketing than ever before. 79% of marketers use Instagram for their Influencer collaborations. The niche audiences geared towards shopping from social media recommendations mean that instagram is the preferred Influencer marketing channel in the near future. 

In our blog post about Influencer Marketing trends for 2021, we mentioned that there will be a shift towards metric driven campaigns. These changes are in line with increasing influencer marketing budgets globally and a need to measure performance & ROI. This is where software automation can seriously help marketers. 

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Software for Instagram Influencer Recruitment 

Influencer Marketing is an extremely successful conversion strategy when the right audience is targeted. These audiences are likely to be very engaged with an influencer’s social media content and might not include all of an influencers followers. So the question here most marketers face is, how do you measure engagement? 

It is possible to manually analyze likes, comments, past sponsored content, and more and is  the outgoing norm within the industry. It is extremely time consuming and found to be unfeasible in the long run. The best option here would be to find a software solution that can help you analyze and qualify influencers for your campaign in seconds. Finding an influencer’s engagement rate is an important step towards recruiting the right person to represent your brand. 

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Automated Content Tracking 

Influencer marketing works because audiences can see your product or service in action through the content brands sponsor. So, it only makes sense that tracking content generation is an important metric to measure your campaigns success and to help plan future campaigns efficiently.

Marketers tracking sponsored content manually find themselves constantly refreshing their feeds to ensure they don’t miss any content, and technological challenges like Stories disappearing in 24 hours. This can be very stressful, time consuming, and ultimately harmful for your marketing efforts. Using a software with a built in content aggregator can save you more time than you think. 

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Campaign reporting tool 

Arguably the most important part of any marketing campaign is measuring the results. It is normal for marketers to run several influencer campaigns at the same time. A very real part of all these campaigns is the on-going need to keep collecting, tracking, and measuring data from each campaign. In our experience, campaign tracking is very manual, tedious, and time consuming. In fact, marketers agree that spending time on managing influencer campaign is an important goal this year.  This is where a software solution would take the load of reporting off your marketing team. Using a reporting tool that can reduce the time you spend on measuring your campaign and ultimately help you optimize your influencer marketing efforts.

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Socialpeeks is the perfect solution for brands and agencies doing Influencer Marketing. Our expertise in all things campaign related will help you track all your sponsored content, create and manage campaign lists with all your influencers, and automatically track all your insights.

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