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Introducing: YouTube Micro-Influencer Search by Socialpeeks 


Finding Influencers on YouTube can be hard. With YouTube’s unique algorithm and hard to sort through stream of videos, finding those prime micro-influencers (between 1K and 10K subscribers) is few and far between. Often times the simplest method is sorting through Facebook or Instagram to find the profiles and pages that direct traffic to their YouTube page, but this system of discovery is both time consuming and doesn’t always return the best results.

Socialpeeks new YouTube Search capability allows for you to find these influencers much faster than you could before, and it also gives you insight into key metrics such as subscribers, impressions and frequency of post related to your campaign’s keywords.

Video is said to be the next big influencer marketing platform. Video has emerged in the last 5 years as one of the strongest ways to digest content. The increasingly lazy aspect of our consumer behavior has pushed written work to a minimum and engaging videos to an all time high. That being said, YouTube is always changing the way it ranks its videos and “influencer” profiles, so cracking the algorithm was no easy feat. Cracking the code on micro-influencers YouTube pages has become one of Socialpeek’s largest achievements.

Here’s why: The power of Influencer Video Marketing

While Instagram still remains the most used platform for influencer marketing (with recent updates such as ‘paid partnership’ and ‘#sponsored’ laws around product use) YouTube is said to be the most used platform for Millennial Influencer Marketing. While Mommy Bloggers and Fitness ‘freaks’ are posting their favorite stroller and water bottles on Instagram, the ‘kids’ are hitting the YouTube feed to see their favorite product reviews from “real-life celebrities”.

Unlike other forms of advertising, video is said to create an emotional cue with consumers, making a larger impact when it comes to brand messaging and CTA. When someone is invested in watching a video, whether an advertisement plays before the video or during (i.e. influencer reviews or experience of products), the viewer is more invested in the story being told - and that story can be told more extensively than an image can.

Here’s How: The New Feature Update

The Socialpeeks YouTube feature is simple. You can build a tracker of #hashtags, @mentions or keywords and search across millions of YouTube channels for those micro-influencers that fit best with your brand. The added bonus is that you can sort by Followers (aka subscribers), Impressions, and # of relevant posts to what you’re searching for! Add in filters through our system to sort further by characteristics such as location, date posted, video views, email detected in bio and the bio description keywords.

1. How to Make a Youtube Tracker:


2. How to Filter:


Check it out for yourself or ask how YOU can get started on a YouTube Micro-Influencer Campaign today. Our team of campaign managers do everything from influencer discovery, recruitment, campaign design and communications, and full rolled-up reports on your campaign. The only word you need to say is ‘GO’.

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