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[Infographic] Top 5 Metrics to Know for Your Next Marketing Campaign


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Whether it be a social media advertisement, influencer marketing campaign, or round out of viral videos (it’s OK to be hopeful), you need to have goals to connect the metrics to. These goals should be measurable, sustainable (common, you’re not going to get 10K followers in 1 month) and most importantly relate back to your overall marketing and business objectives. Defining your goals for success will help you drive real results to grow your business. It’s that simple. Here are the 5 metrics you should be focusing your next marketing campaign on:

1. Brand Awareness

Want to generate some buzz? That’s great! Optimize your brand awareness by using a social listening tool to follow common conversation strands, unique hashtags and account tagging to hear who’s speaking about you. Understand that brand awareness can be measured in many different ways - engagement on social media, impressions on a specific post, views on a video, and increased referrals. Know what you’re after and make a goal to achieve a measurable and quantifiable amount of a specific metric. The more targeted you get, the better you can track, measure, and optimize for next time!

2. Social Following

We all want to have the highest number of followers, or higher than competitors at least, but know what those followers equate to for your brand and/or business. What does 1,000 views on a Youtube video mean? How many blog subscribers does it take to generate 1 new customer? Answering these questions (and many more) will help you monetize your social media activities and more specifically, your social media following.

3. Website Traffic

Traffic to your website is great, it’s one of the top metrics marketing focuses on to show their marketing impact on a brand or company. The great thing about influencer marketing is that you’re driving qualified visitors, helping your sales and lead gen team skip a couple qualifying steps along the way. Be sure to capture their attention and drive relevant traffic by using the right micro-influencers for your brand.

4. Lead Generation

Lead generation has become such an important metric for B2B marketers that driving qualified leads is saving helpless time figuring out if a lead is interested in purchasing or not. Be sure to have materials prepared to nurture leads and understand their 'gap' that your platform, tool, or software can fill. Driving a bunch of leads without a plan is how you can lose big on a great opportunity. Understand your leads, the opportunity to work with them and how they like to be "sold" to.   

5. Sales

Everything marketing does should lead to some type of impact on sales. Whether it be a meet and greet with farm animals and BBQ’ed food, there should be some version of lead generation and customer sales involved. Each metric your marketing campaign offers or looks to impact should be related back to the bigger metric - revenue. Any way you get there is fine, but as long as it's top of mind when it comes to marketing efforts and investments online.

What metrics do you focus on for your marketing campaigns? We'd love to hear in the comments below.

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