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Confessions of an Instagram Influencer: @topknotanddoubleshot

We sat down with Kristen Gottwald- Instagram Influencer, entrepreneur, content creator, and an advocate for sharing the reality of motherhood with her amazing community. From learning how her influencer journey first started to her favourite brand collaborations, we covered it all! 

Read all the details below! 

An honest conversation with Kristen Gottwald (3)

SP: How did you become an influencer?
Kristen: I would say I started being an influencer when I was pregnant w Penelope (her amazing daughter). It started out as sharing how tough it was to be a mom and posting honest content. I was being relatable to other moms which created a community of moms. For me, it was about creating these connections, this community, and people enjoyed the authenticity of my account. I was able to be truthful and upfront about the struggles in my life and show that it wasn’t all rose-coloured glasses. So, I have always wanted to stay true to that throughout my journey as an influencer.


SP: What is the best and worst part about being an influencer for you?
Kristen: The best part for me is the community of strong women I have created. They are constantly bringing me up and constantly supporting me. I also love the ability to talk about the journey of motherhood in a way it is not always talked about. Being able to be a voice for these issues is so huge. If I can change even one persons life by changing their mindset and perspective, then I've done my job.

Its just about being able to have a platform to discuss these issues and normalize things that haven't been discussed before. I think the worst part for me would be ensuring that I am doing enough. Its that constant pressure to ensure that I am doing enough for this community that i have created.

SP: Do you have a favourite collaboration or campaign?
Kristen: My partnership with Dove has to be one of my favourite collaborations. It was an impactful campaign about body positivity. It was a very positive one as well because they really want to make a difference in the beauty industry. When I see large brands embracing and discussing these issues, it makes me really happy.  I can genuinely say that yeah, I'm here for this! 


I also  just signed a contract with Pantene. Besides Dove its my second largest contract and their campaign idea is very exciting as well. Its an impactful campaign about people going through mental health issues. These topics are extremely close to my heart. To see such large brands tackling these issues is exactly what drives me to keep going. 

(Make sure to stay tuned @topknotanddoubleshot!)

SP: What inspires you to create content everyday?
Kristen: It is literally whatever i am going through. Whatever i am experiencing connects me best to my audience. Being authentic, being genuine, and real, connects you to people the most because thats they are able to relate to you. 



SP: Do you ever team up with other influencers?
Kristen:The only way i "team up" with other influencers is by us constantly supporting each other. We are a huge community of women supporting women and creators supporting creators. Its a hard industry because everyone under the sun is trying to be an influencer. So, once we recognize an authentic influencer and creator we want to support and lift them up. A huge part of being an influencer is the community and being able to support other creators.

SP: How do you choose the brands you want to collaborate with?
Kristen: Personally, I do deals with brands will benefit my followers. I would only promote a product I enjoyed and I know my followers would enjoy as well. Paid collaborations is always about what aligns with my brand and if it has value. 


So there you have it folks! An honest and unfiltered conversation with Kristen Gottwald 

From the beginning of her influencer journey to how she picks the brands she collaborates we, thank her for sharing it all!


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