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How to Work with an Influencer Without Being Exploitive


You’ve probably seen the headline everywhere, “How to Become an Instagram Influencer”, and probably thought to yourself “aren’t Influencers suppose to be genuine, in the sense that trying to become one isn’t practical or truthful?”. Yea, we ask ourselves the same thing.

Being a social media influencer doesn’t necessarily need to mean you’re exploiting the market, your social following, or pushing “fake” product reviews. Genuine micro-influencers exist too! Micro-influencers are those people who actually care about what they’re posting. It’s those select few whose passion has turned into a following. Certain food accounts, fashionistas or active individuals are a few of the examples out there. Micro-influencers are often local, with a strong following from no larger than a 100-mile or state-wide radius. So how do you stay genuine, unique and grow your following beyond this geo-targeted audience? Keep doing what you love.

Brands are beginning to focus on those accounts that are niche in the sense that they only push and publish what they actually enjoy. They’re not keeping up with the Kardashians paid-per-post cost (which is ridiculous) to post about products they don’t even use or necessarily even like. Smaller following often times means a higher quality audience. They’re hyper-engaged and are interested in similar products, hobbies, and accounts.


So, how do you find them? We’ve made a ‘checklist’ to help you with that...

Watch for the bot-likelihood

  • Do their followers jump by exactly 200 everytime they post?

  • Do they have a consistent posting schedule every week?

  • Do they have a significantly higher ‘like count’ compared to comments?

Emphasize engagement rate of those accounts you’d consider influential

  • At Socialpeeks, engagement rate is calculated by 1 point for every comment, and ½ point for every like - which shows comments are much more valuable than likes. We emphasize the use of comments as defining a higher engaged audience because people who take the time to comment and engage with a post through the comment are taking time to stop their endless scroll and actually absorb the content. 

Analyze how they work with brands

  • Do they seem to follow a trend? If so, great!
  • Are they relevant to the theme of their personal brand? If so, great!
  • Do they have more or less engagement on those specific posts?

Micro-influencers can be used in plenty of ways. Frank Body Scrub (a killer coffee shower scrub) used influencers as a market research tool and grew their social following as a result of the great feedback! Their use case may be unique to their market, however it’s a great example of how genuine people will give helpful and honest feedback when they are truly invested in what you have to offer!

The micro-influencer revolution is here to stay! So don’t miss out - get started today in a few simple steps - just ask us how 🤗



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