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How to use Influencers for B2B relationships


Influencer Marketing is a hot trend right now. Not only do people think they’ve cracked the code on marketing to millennials, but they understand that influencer marketing is the key to digital marketing success. And they’re not wrong. Often times you see well-followed Instagram accounts with the classic selfie holding their “favorite” product - whether it be fitness, food, toys, or a new gadget - the key to know if it’s genuine or not is up to you.

Business to business (B2B) influencer marketing is run the exact same. Using the most influential of accounts (whether it be social media, websites, speaking reach or more), you can get your name out there, backlinks to your website and people asking questions. So, how do you do it?

We use live data scraping across Twitter and Instagram to find the key players in specific conversations and industries online. Once we discover and identify killer influencers, we begin to craft our messaging. Just like cold calls, cold ‘DMs’ are similar to dating. The reach out has to be personalized, relevant and attention-grabbing. The ask has to be minimum and the benefits have to be maximum.

The next step is tracking online conversation to offline sales and activities. This can be tough, but focus on the social media URL options like pixel-tracking, unique URLs in bio and general traffic coming from specific referral links. When all is said and done, cracking the code on B2B influencer marketing will leave you with more good things to say about the outcome than bad things to say about the process (we’re not going to lie, influencer marketing still has some kinks to iron out).

Here’s why you’ll want to get started today: Benefits of working with influencers for B2B

Backlink Love

Have a favorite blog you need to get on but don’t know how to get there? Going the traditional route, you can reach out to the publisher themselves and ask to be hosted. The package pricing they’ll give you is probably worth your annual budget, so back to the drawing board for those of you who don’t have excess amounts of marketing budget laying around. Find the authors, writers and creators themselves.

Increased web visitors

Track the $h!t out of everything. Drive valuable web traffic to your site with UTM codes, anchor texts (aka the wording that gets hyper-linked) and optimized SEO practices. 

Potential customers

There’s no question about it, social selling is hard. Driving potential leads from social is like pulling teeth from a child - it’s painful and often times doesn’t get you anywhere better than you were when you started. The key to lead generation on social is following the conversation and conversing with the key players who are taking part in it all.

Content generation 

What’s lovelier than free content? We can’t think of much. Repurpose influencer B2B content as a ‘thought leadership’ piece that someone wrote about you (pssst… you don’t have to include that you actually worked with them to write it). Add credibility to slide decks, sale pitches, and resource pages on your website for optimized use.

Here’s how you know we’re telling the truth: Our guest blog on an influencer's website

Enough about talking the talk, we actually did the work to prove it too. We used our own in-house software to discover and recruit a few small business owners who would help us spread our brand message but also help their audience understand the market trends at the same time. Plus, who doesn’t love free content??

Christine Blubaugh is a self-driven entrepreneur who helps other small business owners with web copy and marketing messaging that can help engage their audiences, generate sales and create raving fans who keep coming back for more. That’s why we saw the opportunity to find a spot in her audience to discuss how you can Turn Customers into Real Brand Advocates. The emphasis on Influencer Marketing was an easy one because it’s using people who you’ve already sold to and know, and making them your out-of-house marketers.

Here’s what happened… We had a 25% conversion from blog readers to website visitors in the first 48 hours of the blog being posted. We had 60% more views in first 30 days than traditional blogs hosted on our own site. We had 2 social conversations, which are often time the hardest to achieve! And most importantly, we had an awesome experience working with Christine, her audience and her crafty content.

When you’re ready to get started on your first B2B Influencer Campaign, don’t just work with the experts to make it happen, but let the experts do it for you. At Socialpeeks we have a hands-on approach to running your campaigns, which means hands-off for you. Check out our Campaign Concierge and get started today in a few short steps.



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