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How to Incentivize Your Brand Ambassadors to Create Video

Subscription box unveiling from brand ambassadorThis blog post is apart of a 6-week series that - if you like, comment, or share - can be entered into win a pair of passes at the end of Webinar on July 27th.

Video content is highly engaging. People can watch and learn with little thinking - which becomes a lot quicker than your traditional ways of marketing (i.e. blog posts and paid advertising). On top of it all, video marketing has exploded in recent years, with an average of 4 million video views per day on Youtube, the number of viewers is only projected to grow. So, how do you produce great marketing videos and get them viewed, shared and converting good quality leads? Use influencer-generate videos of course. A great way to expand your audience reach and a highly engaging content piece that you can continue to use. Here’s a few ways to help incentivize influencers to create video during your next campaign.

We’ll get the obvious ones out of the way. Give instructions. Not everyone can hop on a camera and become an instant videographer. Give clear instruction on how you want it done and what you want the outcome to be. It’s OK to be ‘bossy’ when it comes to directing influencers to make video, sometimes all it takes a little confidence and boost of positive direction (Rome wasn’t built in a day either).

Secondly, give options. If you become too focused with the outcome of the video, influencers may feel an overwhelming sense of perfectionism, which won’t equate to a well-done job (trust us, it just doesn’t work that way). How would you feel if someone said “Hey, make a video - run with it”? Probably not very prepared, or directional in what to make, where to film, and what the outcome should be like. Give some options, examples and creative ideas when it comes to asking for video. For example, idea on content, timing, location, and outcome work well so the influencer can take the creative ideas and run with it, adding their own personal touch. If it comes out as something completely different, not to fret - video content is great for various audiences. Adding a personal and humanized touch from an influencer is already a sure sign that the video will be engaging and interesting (to say the least).

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.03.20 AM.png<< L2inc, an agency out of New York City, does a great job of creating videos. Their Youtube channel named ‘think tank’ allows for users to stop by and get a bite of knowledge in 5 mins or less. Talk about value prop.

Make it seem easier than it is. You may think this is a joke, but we’re serious. There’s this odd notion around video marketing that it’s really hard, but the hardest part is getting started. Whether it be working with awesome video prod companies or creating a self filmed ‘selfie’ video (live video and raw, uncut footage is actually more effective when working with influencers… most of the time), there are a ton of options to get started and get a taste of how video will impact your marketing metrics.

Understand the value to the ‘maker’ and position it accordingly. What we mean by that is how the effort to create video will be seen in the eyes of the influencer. For example, if they craft a video for someone else, they can also share it as a thought leader to their own community. In turn, it becomes “check out this video I made for this <cool brand name>” which adds emphasis on the partnership and the willingness of brands to work with them.

Lastly, provide the resources. If it’s an Instagram takeover, then an iPhone will work fine. But if a hi-definition camera is needed for makeup tutorials or sports coverage, then make it work. Providing the resources for influencer-generated video content is a no-brainer, especially if it’s how they’re getting paid (i.e. makeup brushes for tutorial, food for sample video, subscription box for box unveiling, etc.).

When all's said and done, one thing holds true - people don’t want to produce shitty content, period.

Influencers are important people (or, you should let them think they are). That being said, get straight to the point when it comes to crafting video. Show value in their knowledge by offering them something in return and help them with resources along the way. The great thing about video? It’s easily shareable. Have influencers, their audience and other brands share it for optimal coverage.



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