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How to Grow your Startup or Small Business Without a Budget

It’s easy. No, seriously.

Owning a startup or small business means you found a gap in the market that needs fixing - and that’s great! Often times the hardest part of getting it off the ground is driving traffic for your audience to see your product, recognize your solution, sign up for your product and in the end - purchase, repurchase, and talk about their purchase!!!

Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s a new way to social sell and it doesn’t involve spamming followers with 100 posts to their feed or paid ads. It’s simply comes down to genuine relationships and organic social media.

Social media is not new. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, they’ve all been around enough to evolve to their audiences requests and sometimes just evolving for the heck of it (cough, cough Facebook). On average, users will spend 5 years and 4 months in their lifetime online - surfing the net, scrolling through social media or on an email service provider. That’s a lot of time! So, how can you tap into this opportunity as a small business? We’ve got just the tricks:

Know your audience

A lot of people may find it invaluable to do the ‘audience’ exercise, but knowing who you’re catering your messages too will be truly valuable. You know you have a solution, you know people will use it, but finding people who will pay for it is much different. The easiest way to crack this code is to interview your current customers. People love to talk and give feedback - a customer who doesn’t want to conduct an interview could just be someone who doesn’t fully understand the solution they’re paying for. Help them understand how to use every feature inside and out, then once they’ve grasped the solution, receive their feedback with open arms. This could be a scary task - “oh no, I’m going to scare away my customers by asking them too many questions” - but you’d be surprised how many people want to talk to you and more importantly how many people want to help you.

Stay true to your brand

Branding is a huge part of a business’s success. Whether it be the color of your logo, crafting the perfect homepage copy or proving your personality in your online presence - it’s important to stay consistent. If you think of some strong brands online (i.e. McDonalds, Nike, Google, Mailchimp, etc.), you can see the hardwork that goes into their branding every day. From making sure the colors on their logos always match (honeslty, how do people get this wrong), to their messaging across each platform being the same and lastly their tone, you'll see it's the small details that count to make up a larger, well-branded picture. Here are the dos and don’ts of branding on social media.

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Find the right micro-influencers who value your product

Budgets in new businesses are small - we get that. Finding ways to get the best ROI for your marketing buck is key to growing online. And, guess what? Influencer marketing has a 9.1x ROI - that’s top of the list for best ROI on $1 of marketing budget. The key to expanding your money most efficiently is to go after micro-influencers, not mainstream, macro or celebrity influencers.

While budget may be tight to start off with, finding the marketing activities that will give you the highest return on your marketing opportunities (ROMO, it’s a term… that we just coined) is crucial to growing online. Create a genuine and organic social media following and you won’t regret the return. Pick it up a notch with influencer marketing campaigns to expand your reach and grow your brand’s awareness online. If you need help doing so, we may just have the solution.

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