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How One Brand Used Micro Influencers to Promote and Sell Tickets to a VIP Event

Untitled design-4.pngWhen you think of hosting an event for your company, it may not be first nature to think of recruiting micro-influencers to help spread awareness. But doesn’t it make the most sense? You have a pretty good idea of the crowd you want to attract so why not find your organic brand ambassadors to help spread that message for you? That’s exactly what William Ashley did and they chalk up the event’s success to executing this strategy.

William Ashley China is an upscale porcelain, china, crystal and luxury home decor store with two locations in Vaughan and Toronto. The Vaughan location has an annual Warehouse sale October through November to help clear out some old stock to make room for new collections in the new year. The sale has been running every year for 20 years, but with the help from micro-influencers, William Ashley was able to help spread awareness about the warehouse sale while also offering a special shopping experience for those involved.

As always, the micro-influencers had autonomy over the content of their posts and a lot of them opted to sharing Instagram stories in addition to wall posts to help grab their followers attention. What also happened was the micro-influencers shared their VIP shopping experience live through their stories as it was happening. This gained considerable awareness of the warehouse sale, driving additional shopping traffic through the month of operation.

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The campaign helped drive 1,120 buying customers to the VIP shopping event, all through the use of 19 micro-influencers. If, on average, each customer spent $150 (think fine china people), that’s $168,000 in revenue for the day. That’s not considering sales from buyers on other days of the warehouse sale who shopped because they saw an influencer post about it. Aside from these obvious benefits, the micro-influencers generated 283 comments and 3,622 likes on the posts they created. As an additional bonus, William Ashley grew their instagram following 37% in 30 days!

An important takeaway from running micro-influencer campaigns is understanding the value of user-generated content on Instagram. Micro-influencers take a lot of care into each post because their connection with followers is more genuine and authentic. That being said, clients see huge value in having this user-generated content circulated and repurposed in ways to help promote their brand in authentic and meaningful ways long after the campaign has completed.

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If you’d like more information regarding how a micro-influencer campaign can help your event, festival or concert gain more attention and ticket sales, contact the Socialpeeks team for more information.


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