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Favorite Blogger Tools - by Sequin&Seams

My favorite new topic to pontificate on is: "How social creators and bloggers are disrupting the advertising space". Many times a week I find myself coaching brands on influencer marketing. My speech goes something like this:

Social creators (or influencers) are not important because they have thousands of followers. They are important because they create content that thousands of people want to see on a regular basis! And they do it all themselves. They have flipped the advertising game on its head as they disrupt several industries: They ARE the beautiful model, they DO their own makeup, they SCOUT the location, they ARE the photographer/editor, they WRITE the copy and they ARE the channel.



Today's amazing content creators are essentially running petite media companies. Which means they need tools and best practices to build their own media empire. Luckily most are happy to coach and advise each other. Once such helpful media company is Sequins&Seams. The founder, Bailey, not only creates beautiful content but has built up her own omni channel media company to distribute this content. This is why we were so excited to have the opportunity to sponsor her most recent blog on some essential tools for serious bloggers.  Check it out and let us know what you think. 

Favorite Tools to Use As A Blogger (by Sequin&Seams)






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