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How one of the largest music festivals in North America experienced 9x ROI through the use of micro-influencers (Infographic)


The true value here is genuinely getting as close as possible to your customers while building long-term relationships with micro-influencers who are authentic and trusted by their followers.

It’s a new(ish) concept; partnering with micro-influencers who share honest and genuine brand messages to their audiences who trust their opinion. Some brands have taken the lead with influencer marketing campaigns while others have stood back and questioned the value. In this case a National festival promoter experienced a 9x ROI through the use of 11 hyper-engaged influencers.

Country Thunder Music Festival ran 2 festivals in Canada, 1 in Craven, SK and 1 in Calgary, AB, in mid August and increased their ticket sales by almost $22,000 in 30 days.

“We didn’t want to discriminate our influencer picks. We used [this system] to determine the highest engaged influencers in our area and just went for it. It was all about getting folks interested in coming out and having a good time regardless if they were die-hard country fans. Hearing that message from an admired influencer is more exciting than coming from the brand itself.” - Festival Organizers

Using the #1 top-rated micro-influencer platform with the support of their marketing team, Country Thunder Music Festival strategically selected the 11 influencers who together had a combined reach of 307,000 users.

The influencers had autonomy over the content of their posts (they know best what their followers like) but they were also provided with a unique 20% off discount code to incentivize followers to go buy tickets. The influencers were given VIP passes to the show and an invite-only brand ambassador meetup the day before the festival began.

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Despite the obvious benefits of the campaign, influencers generated a tonne of comments and likes on the posts they created, resulting in increasing Country Thunder’s instagram followers by 19% in just over 30 days.

Find out what this #1 rated Infleuncer Marketing Campaign Management platform is and the results it drove. 

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