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Drive Quality Leads with Influencer Marketing

influencer-marketing-b2b-twitter-marketing-strategy.pngWhen people go online to research a product, they’re often overwhelmed and over-informed about the products they’re looking to buy. The great thing about today’s online market is that with the potential of good customer loyalty programs in place, once you get the customer the first time you can potentially have them for a lifetime. Increasing their experience with loyalty programs and word-of-mouth marketing could be your new best friend. The more a customer trusts and engages with your brand, the more likely they are to share their love of your brand with other people. Often times, people don’t even think of this word-of-mouth transaction, other times it’s a purposely and meticulously planned event - also known as influence marketing.

Micro-influencers are individuals on social media not necessarily with the highest social media following, but rather with a high audience engagement. Unlike mainstream celebrities and social media icons who get paid a lot of money to post a product or brand, micro-influencers are usually rewarded in free products or services. The great thing about this exchange of value is that they often try out what they’re promoting. So their followers have a higher level of trust and engagement when they share a product or service.

Here’s how you can do it - Flip your funnel

The traditional funnel has a wider top and narrow bottom. It drives the highest number of leads to the top, whether they’re qualified or not, and then slowly narrows the leads list down until you make a couple sales. The problem with this type of funnel is that it’s not only inefficient but it drives a bunch of people through this process and loses them along the way due to irritating marketing and sales outreach. This is the complete opposite of customer loyalty. People are going to be turned off by your brand just because they weren’t ready for the outreach in that time or place. Understanding your customers, when they need your product or service and how you deliver that material is detrimental to this flipped funnel.

Flip the funnel

(OK, so technically this is a pyramid.)

So, FLIP YOUR FUNNEL! Yup, we’re not crazy, we mean it. Make the “widest” part of your funnel where your customers are spreading the word for you, giving good reviews, user-generated content, and being rewarded! If you qualify your leads before they even hit your site, all you need to worry about is their journey onboarding to a sale, rather than capturing them – which everyone seems to worry about. Let influencer marketing help you drive qualified leads with hyper-segmented audiences. Pick influencers based on their interests, audience engagement, and willingness to take on a positive social experience. As we mentioned above, micro-influencers take the time to test out a product before they post about it, so their following is more trusting towards the posts that are being shared. This type of influencer marketing will help you grow sales right off the hop.

With qualified leads, the middle part is onboarding, aka making sure they understand how to use your product to its full potential. Hubspot, an all-in-one marketing tool actually sells their training services on top of their product for a preeeetty hefty fee. In doing so, no blame comes back to them when users don’t use the full potential on the product. In a recent survey, only 40% of Hubspot users said they are 100% using the product to its full effectiveness. That’s bonkers! But their reviews and sales growth isn’t hurt by it.

Now, let’s focus more on this bottom part – customer loyalty. This includes repurchases, referrals (*cough, cough* 90% of referral customers buy), and good brand awareness. Want to know the greatest part of it all? It’s practically free! Customer loyalty essentially causes less stress for your BDR’s and Sales reps to upsell later on. People who have a good relationship with a brand rarely need to even talk to a human again to continue to buy. This is because those people who feel like they’re safe in “brand equity” continue to take “feel good” actions (aka purchases). The great thing about this is extraordinary customer loyalty strategy is that it usually spreads like wildfire. Take restaurant reviews for example. One bad Yelp review had the potential to deter people from eating at your restaurant (but, let’s be serious people have made pretty good PR out of bad reviews), and the same can be true for good reviews sending your customer base through the roof. This is essentially user-generated content in a different form, which influences people to decide on their purchase (or nonpurchase) from a specific business. Add in a social media post and you just got yourself a micro-influencer for free.

In a traditional funnel, the numbers in the beginning show great potential for sales, but the end result is merely a handful of purchases. Flip your funnel and focus on driving quality leads with micro-influencers, great onboarding programs, and customer loyalty! Don’t get Influencer Marketing FOMO, get started today with the help of Socialpeeks resources.

Socialpeeks helps brands grow their online reach with advanced software to find and engage influencers - saving you countless hours on manual research. Sign up for a free trial today to grow your next online marketing campaign with micro-influencers.



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