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Celebrities vs. Everyday Influencers

A recent study discovered that brands are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. That’s pretty incredible ROI for any type of marketing campaign, but how exactly can we take advantage of it?

Depending on which marketing professional you ask, influencer marketing can cover everything from celebrity endorsements to asking your best customers to share their experiences on social media.

We’d argue that true influencer marketing lies somewhere in the middle: with real people who have influence in their social circles.

Let’s look at some of the differences between celebrity endorsements and everyday influencers: 


Social Celebrity Endorsements

Everyday Influencers

The motivation for people to buy

You idolize the celebrity and therefore want to buy the product to be like them.

You trust the influencer because they’re a subject matter expert or you have a personal connection.

How word spreads

Top-down messaging from social accounts like Instagram

Interactive word of mouth

Level of expertise

Celebrities can be experts, but they’re likely not familiar with regional or niche needs.

Very high - these influencers have built an engaged community around their area of expertise.

Will they personalize the message?

Probably not: celebrities will often just post the messaging that you negotiate with their PR team.

Definitely - these people will want their blogs, videos, and social posts to seem organic. This makes the campaign feel much more authentic.

They’ll also be much more likely to respond to comments, and continue the conversation after the initial post.


While you’ll likely know exactly what you’ll be getting from your celebrity in terms of messaging, you have little control over their general image.

If their social campaign for you is going live on the same day they’re embroiled in a scandal or start dating someone new, your messaging is (at best) going to be lost in the noise.

With everyday influencers, you take on a little more risk in not having your messaging communicated exactly right.

But with that risk comes the knowledge that what they communicate will be more genuine - a tactic that often yields great results.


Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy can make $3,500 for a single instagram post, while Scott Disick is reportedly taking home $15,000 - $20,000 per post.

For the cost of that single social post by Jenny McCarthy, you could potentially get 50 amazing real people talking about your brand. Those real people all together might have a bigger reach and engagement rate.


This depends on your goal. If you’ll be measuring success by tracking brand awareness, you might get more eyes on a post by a celebrity.

If your goal is engagement or action, you might see better results with a larger number of real people.

Collective Bias recently discovered that 70% of millennials were more likely to purchase a product endorsed by a non-celebrity.


So, what should you look for when selecting influencers to get that $6.50 ROI? Look for “small” follower counts with engaged communities that share niche interests.

Social influencers who have a follower count in the tens of thousands instead of in the millions will be easier to attract. They’ll also likely be more engaged; one of the key differences between celebrities and real people is how interactive they are. Everyday influencers have built strong communities; their messaging isn’t top down. Khloe Kardashian might post about your miracle tea, but she won’t be answering questions and leading a discussion on the best flavours.

Khloe’s followers likely also have less in common than the followers of a person who’s a competitive ice climber. Their followers might be a little bit crazy, but they’re probably all adventurous, outdoors people. The communities built by everyday influencers are tight knit, and that makes it easier to appeal to them with a message that resonates.

The biggest challenge that comes along with everyday influencers is finding them, and that’s where we come into play. Socialpeeks helps you discover real people who can have a big impact on your brand.




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