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A Case Study: Frank Body Micro-influencer Campaign

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Pssst… If you’re reading this before your morning coffee, skip HERE to get what you need to know.

Frank Body started as a coffee body scrub to “erase the sleepless nights and mistreated skin routines”. It’s all-natural and chemical-free scrub was just the beginning of the wave for what was to come of Frank Body and the story that’s grown it to the $20M in brand sales it’s achieved today.

Their start was not a traditional one. Frank Body shipped hundreds of thousands of sample products pre-launch to micro-influencers across Australia, and eventually expanding across the world. They were given exclusive samples to a pre-released product to give their feedback to make it better and to share user-generated content to expand the awareness of this “soon-to-be-released” product. This campaign was bananas.

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The pre-launch release of products had people eager and envious to get the product themselves. Once launched for sale, the results were even more insane than before. Thousands of user generated posts with the hashtag #TheFrankEffect popped up on Instagram. Their following increased across social and their sales had been launched on the right foot. Their Instagram @frank_bod now boosts posts from millions of people who have tried the product worldwide, mixed in with their own cheeky #LetsBeFrank posts.

The focus on Instagram was one of the first influencer campaigns to ever be successfully conducted. It’s expansion of one country into MANY countries is one key determinator of it’s success. Another is the 350K Instagram following in less than a year! Yup, that’s an average of 29,000 followers per month, a number that many brands can’t even reach in their lifetime!

Fast forward to today, Frank Body is worth an estimated $20 million dollars. They’re a global beauty brand who ships to 149 countries across the world and whose co-founder & creative director (aka creative genius), Jess Hatzis, was named Forbes Top 30 under 30 last year.

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Even ‘celebrities’ are posting it with the disclaimer “this is NOT an ad”, because it’s so. Dang. good! The #FrankPaidMe influencer campaign still holds strong today and other brands are following in their footprints trying to amp up sales, celebrity coverage and paid-per-post advertising.  

Here are 4 things you can learn from Frank Body’s Influencer campaign:

1//Market entry

Entering a market, whether it be brand new all together or a new location can be scary. Understanding that market can be difficult. Growing your brand’s reputation there is nothing short of hard. But Influencer Marketing changes that. It helps brands go to reputable sources who already know the market and understand the key players - because, well, they’re the key players themselves. Influencers take the risk off of market entry and make it a lot easier to tap into the audience from a reputable source.

2//Brand awareness

Nothing is worse than trying to build brand awareness, and more importantly tracking it. Creating the “buzz” around your brand and the positive sentiment around what you offer is tough. It’s even more tough to measure. When created properly, Influencer Marketing campaigns can drive great results that can actually be measured. How? Crafting incentives for and Influencers audience to use a discount or tracking code when purchasing, having unique URLs for people to easily navigate to, and most importantly making it fun to interact with the post.

3//Social media following

You’re not going to like what I’m about to say next. Social media is a numbers game. Frank Body reaching 350,000 Instagram followers in a year probably meant more credibility in the e-commerce market than the $20 million they made in sales (OK maybe not, but you get the point). Brands can now find credibility in social following numbers, verification from social platforms (cough cough, Instagram is hella hard to get that lil’ blue badge), and other ‘buzz’ online. Influencer marketing helps expand this credibility with the reach of their audience and the content that gets produced. This process, which us to be very very long tail, can now happen in a matter of minutes, months, or years!

4//User-generated feedback and content

Whoa, Captain Obvious, slow your roll. User generated content and feedback is worth a lot more than what an influencer campaign will cost (if you execute it properly). Skip the market research phase, intelligent biochemical engineer phase (I don’t actually know if this exists) and definitely skip the expensive models that you have to buy the snack tray for even though they won’t eat it. Influencer marketing generates all this and more. Content alone can cost anywhere from $100 to $5000 a post, and the review system online has a larger and more genuine reach than any other form. Frank Body not only used influencers to do both (feedback and content) but in doing so sparked #TheFrankEffect movement which now is a hashtag used worldwide - from paid and unpaid users!

To learn more head to 5 STEPS TO RUN A KILLER INFLUENCER MARKETING CAMPAIGN and see how you can have the same success of brands across social. 



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