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5 Ways Influencer Marketing Will Help you Grow Sales


Everyone is trying to find a way to grow their business in a world where the marketing tool marketing is highly saturated. The difficulty is finding one that is affordable and more importanlty effective. Unfortunately, more times than not it takes a trial-and-error experiment of your own to find out just how effective a specific tool is. Influencer marketing is different. You already know the results of what your outcome will be. If you want to grow your sales, be sure to reap these benefits and many more with Influener Marketing.

1. Larger audience reach

OK, we’re going to get the obvious one out of the way. With an influencer marketing strategy, you can connect with the right micro-influencers and tap into their audience. In doing so, you not only create authority in their market, well because their audience already likes them (hence the follow), but you can also begin to leech them back to your page or website. People who hold common interests, such as an influencer's audience, are also great for creating future campaign personas. Know what they like, what they don’t like, how they interact online and how they buy. These can all contribute to a successful campaign!

2. Higher Engagement

OK, captain obvious #2 - higher engagement. With micro-influencers, you’re almost guaranteed to have a higher engaged audience compared to mega influencers (i.e. celebrities). Micro influencers create a community online. They don’t push information, but rather interact with the conversation and their followers. This in turn will help you or your brand jump into the conversation and help keep the engagement high. Don’t just direct people to your site to buy, rather offer them loyalty points, discount codes, or other incentives catered to the audience’s interest to drive them to your site and (fingers crossed) buy something.

3. More Referral Sales

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Did you know that customers are 83% more likely to buy from a referral source? And guess what, they consider someone they follow on social (your influencer) a source of referral. People trust those they have a relationship with - whether in person or on social media. So being referred a product or service by someone they continuously see on their feed is a trustworthy way to get a qualified visitor to your site and into your marketing program.

4. One of the biggest ROI channels

For every $1 you invest into an influencer marketing campaign, you can get over $9 back (according to Venture Beat). When small businesses have a small marketing budget, the bigger the ROI, the better. Letting your marketing dollars stretch through influencers is a great way to get introduced into other markets. Say you reach out to 5 bloggers, each who talk about different interest areas. If 3 of those bloggers audiences interact with the influencer’s post, come to your site and buy, well A) you just made your money back and B) you know where to gear more of your marketing efforts - to that niche. The other 2 who don’t seem so interested and not many people buy, can be put on the back burner for now. Tap into their market when you’ve exhausted the first 3 audiences.

5. Upsell Opportunities with Brand Loyalty

Sales is a relationship game. In today’s buying journey, customers want a relationship with a business they can trust and rely on. Brand loyalty is one of the few things people surpass in their sales process, resulting in poor revenue numbers. With Influencer marketing, brands can build trust and loyalty through the influencers themselves. So don’t just implement your campaign and forget about it, create a long-standing relationship with your micro-influencers and their audience to achieve sales over a longer period of time.



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