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5 Easy Steps to Get Influencers to Manage your Brand’s Social Profile


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You see it all the time with brands - influencers taking over their Instagram story, tweeting for the day on their behalf and simply posting a string of pictures to get the audience to engage a little bit (or a lot) more than usual. This type of influencer ‘takeover’ is proved to be highly effective (talk about tapping into another audience) for engagement, profile followers, and reaching your marketing goals. Here are 5 steps to make your next social profile takeover an effective and fun time:

1. Know the goal of the profile “takeover”

Have it built into your overall social media strategy. Takeovers are not a one off and spontaneous event, rather they need to be well planned and well executed for optimal results. Know the goal of your social media takeover and how it relates to your overall Marketing and company objectives. If the goal is to get followers for your brand’s Instagram account, be sure to understand what those new followers mean to your marketing metrics (i.e. 10 followers is 1 new customer) so you can track and measure the results.

2. Have terms and conditions agreed upon BEFORE conducting “influencerships”

Regardless of who you try to recruit for your social media takeover, be sure to understand the expectations before you reach out. Have a small ‘terms and conditions’ page for the influencer to agree to so each party knows the criteria that’s laid out in front of them. This can help a lot of ‘she said, he said’ bargaining if (fingers crossed) anything doesn’t go as planned.

3. Lay out a rough schedule of what is going to be taking place

Ever use the slogan ‘just wing it’ and something amazing comes from it? Yea, didn’t think so. Not having a plan can be a deterrent to a successful campaign. Topics to be covered, who’s to speak, where it’s going to be (even virtually, you often need a location for filming) are all important aspects of a social profile takeover that you want to lay out before you get started. This helps keep the topic on track and related to the brand, and can often times help guide the influencer with content they’re creating.

4. Follow the conversation

Social listening is the key to a brand’s online success! Use the right social listening tool to engage with the audience from multiple platforms. Drive your Twitter audience to your Facebook Live video for extra coverage, and help your audience follow the conversation using a unique hashtag. It’s important for social media to be a two-way relationship. Don’t just post content and hope your audience engages with it, help them feel valued by interacting with them, their comments, and the conversation.

5. Measure the results

Sure, influencer marketing is great - but in the end you may be asking yourself “why did we do this in the first place?!”. Well there are a lot of reasons why you may have done it. Higher engagement, increase following, larger audience and an overall fun experience. Influencers have the power to tap into their hyper-engaged audience and drive the ‘buzz’ around a brand or topic. Be sure to measure the results that you placed goals on in the earlier steps. Understand how you’re going to measure them before you get started, and once you’re done understand why they worked. Answering these 2 questions will help you optimize and grow for future campaigns!

Here’s the cherry on top - we’ve pulled our favorite North Face example of influencer social media takeover to put more proof in the pudding!

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Tim Kemple, a professional photographer whose Instagram profile has just shy of 250K followers took over North Face’s account last February. His attention to the crosshairs of photography, personal experience, and skiing crafted a highly engaging and fun campaign for a week’s period on the North Face Instagram account.

Why did it work? He didn’t stick to the ‘traditional’ content of the account, but rather honed in on a ski trip and made it f-u-n!

Influencer social media takeover is nothing new. Brands who use it see high engagement, increased following, and more importantly, receive free content. In all its glory, it’s important to be prepared by having marketing goals, a planned schedule and other campaign logistics ready so both the brand and the influencer know what they’re getting out of it.



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