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3 Ways Social Media Management Can Help Event Engagement


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With event season around the corner this summer, there’s a lot of advice to keep up on the latest social media trends. Ideas such as hashtags, picture walls, influencer discount codes, photo contests and more are a few ways to engage your audience. But, more often than not, event organizers forget to engage and interact with their audience once they’ve posted online. It’s not uncommon to see an event’s hashtag fill up with images, comments, and overall reviews of events online. It’s the lack of conversation between the event and it’s attendees that becomes the issue.

A lot of the downfall of social media at events is that people have the ‘set it and forget it’ mentality. Scheduling social is definitely an efficient way to save time in the long-run but it’s not the only social media activity you should be focusing on! We understand social media management at events can be hard. With so much going on and everyone covering more responsibilities than they were planned to, social media can get lost in the mess. But in the end, engaging and interacting with your audience on social media in real time will bring your event great benefit!

An easy and efficient way to increase the engagement, hype and overall attendance of events is to stay active on social - both posting and engaging. Here are 3 creative ways you can make social media management a tool of high engagement and content-creation for your next event:

Monitor. Have someone monitoring the hashtag used by the event AND all other tweets coming from the location. It happens more often than not that people don’t recognize the hashtag that should be used during events. Without the tag, attendees are sharing great content that’s being missed by others under the tracking (of a hashtag), reply @ the user with feedback (i.e. ‘great picture!’) and include the hashtag. 9 times out of 10 people catch on and use it moving forward. Monitoring your social media shows that there’s a true human behind the reigns. Human-centered marketing is key to creating relationships in the digital space! 

Be Creative. Interactive content is one of the most efficient ways to get your audience to participate in social media conversation and shares. It doesn’t have to be difficult - try a scavenger hunt or contest. Get people to like, share, comment, and tag friends for optimal coverage. Even better, do it in real time. Use live streaming video to leave hints as to where you have to go to get a clue or prize. Bonus points if the contest incentivizes event attendees to craft their own video for a chance to enter the contest draw! You can reuse their content to engage other folks who are interested in participating. Ask open ended questions and start the conversation online, your social media coverage will be sure to spread like wildfire. 🔥

Repurpose user-generated content. Sharing images, videos or tweets from attendees *in the moment* will help increase incentives for others to share posts. Having an image featured on a brand account with thousands of followers is exciting for followers with a fraction of the audience. The great thing about repurposing social media posts under your events #hashtag is that it saves the marketing team curating the content themselves! 

 While it may seem like an overbearing activity at first - social media management at events is key to running an engaging and successful event! Whether it be a conference, food, sporting or community event, social media will help broadcast your message and attract attendees in the moment. Get creative with it and craft up the micro-campaigns that will help your online community get involved and start the conversation online!


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