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3 New Ways to Engage your Audience



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Engaging your audience, and keeping them engaged is easier said than done. It’s every marketer's dream to have a hyper-attentive audience willing to listen to everything and anything you tell them. Why? Your online audience is your primary target for sales. They are the individuals you know your product or service can help, but there’s a few steps a user goes through before understanding that (also known as buyer’s journey, but more about that later). 

When looking to keep your audience's attention on your content, find the newest (or some traditional) marketing tactics that work for you. Here are 3 new ways to engage your audience, even when you think it’s impossible!

1. Interact with your audience - don’t lead static channels

 Interactive content is great for those with low attention spans - which, let’s be frank, is pretty much everyone online today. By creating content that keeps the user’s eyes moving, or their brain turning, allows for your to capture the audience, get your message across and peak their interest to come back to your website. Interactive content can be whitepapers that include videos or GIFs, polls, surveys or quizzes, and many other always-moving and always engaging content.

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The great thing about interactive content is that you can add a layer of movement or curiosity onto static content (i.e. blog posts) you already have. Creating a sense of urgency or exclusivity by honing in on your CTA and the information you’re outputting is key. Blog posts and interactive content with the highest engagement are those with a lot of shares, comments, and ‘piggy-backed’ material (ever seen a blog post written about another blog post? Ya, they exist). Find these pieces of content online with a little research,and begin to take direction from them. It’s an easy way to understand what similar audiences like and interact with, and then apply it to your own brand and online story!

2. Engage with video 

Let’s go back to that fun fact we threw at you earlier - web users today have the attention span of a goldfish (on average, less than 3 seconds long). That’s an important fact to remember because capturing that 3 seconds (or more, if you’re lucky) is key to your brand’s online success.

Video had proven to be a great tool when needing to capture your audience’s attention and keeping them engaged. Why? Here are some reasons we might suspect:

  • Less effort to listen - if all you have to do is watch, you have little excuse not to!
  • Show more personality of your brand via video. Jokes don’t always work great in blog posts - there’s no tone, no mentality and you don’t know the crowd that’s on the other end. Personality through video is great! A bonus is if your audience is live on the other side so you can interact, ask questions, or get feedback on what you’re presenting.
  • Giving information sessions in form of video resonate more than blog posts. Approximately 65% of people are visual learners - so feeding information to your audience via video will stick with them longer than a blog post.

On top of this highly engaging form of communication, check out how our friends over at Vidyard have proven to use personalized videos to hit their sales quotas each month.

3. Relationship-building rather than sales

It wouldn’t truely be a genuine Socialpeeks blog if we didn’t talk about the power of Influencer Marketing, right?

Sales is no longer a tactic of being ‘pushy’ and selling people on things they don’t need or want! Sales is about building relationships and helping valued customers make their live’s easier. This can hold true for marketing too.

Having genuine connections with the audience will attract those who are actually qualified to be reading your content or viewing your marketing material. What does a qualified reader look like? Someone who has a gap where your marketing material fits. Someone who has a question, who’s educating themselves on a certain topic or problem, or most importantly - someone looking for a solution to their problem. In more traditional ways of digital marketing, paid advertising and outbound tactics force people to view your material. Getting in their feeds on personal accounts and targeting them based on their income, gender or personal interests seems a bit aggressive.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 8.36.45 AM.png

Show me the money!!!

Build genuine connections through other thought leaders in the market, including micro-influencers. You will begin to focus on quality over quantity and the work of inbound marketers will be praising this blog post in the weeks following.

Overall, it doesn’t take much to keep your audience engaged -- said nobody ever!! 😂

It’s about personalizing the experience and keeping your audience focused with interactive content and video marketing tactics. Lastly, by doing so you’re building genuine relationships with your audience with hyper-targeted content and messaging. Immerse yourself in the community and use like-minded businesses and individuals to help spread the message. With high quality content, comes high quantity engagement!  

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