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Reach New Audiences with a Video Influencer Marketing Strategy

By Brooklynn Boyer July 3, 2018

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. Over 300 minutes of video are uploaded..

How Influencers Helped this Traditional Brand make a Splash into Social Media

By Brooklynn Boyer May 28, 2018

Influencers attract approximately double the engagement of brands on Instagram. Consumers sense..

Why Building A Brand Is Integral To Your Business’s Success

By Wendy Dessler April 17, 2018

Communication Both Direct And Indirect

Your brand represents your business. You want to be..

Top 3 mistakes marketers are making in 2018

By Brooklynn Boyer March 10, 2018

The world of Marketing is ever growing and always evolving. From bus ads to billboards to the..

Introducing: YouTube Micro-Influencer Search by Socialpeeks 

By Brooklynn Boyer February 22, 2018

Finding Influencers on YouTube can be hard. With YouTube’s unique algorithm and hard to sort..


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