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Let the Micro-Influencer Revolution Begin

By John Beresford July 31, 2017

This publication was originally written by Socialpeeks CEO & Founder, John Beresford, posted on..

Can you really put a price on influence? (spoiler alert: absolutely!)

By John Beresford February 28, 2017

So the question today is: can you actually put a price on influence? Not only can you put a..

10 Mad Men quotes that are all of us trying to get through the day

By John Beresford February 15, 2017

Marketing can be tough, especially when you’re new to the business, or just trying to keep up..

How to Use Influencer Marketing in Your Crisis Management Plan

By John Beresford February 7, 2017

Do you have a solid crisis management plan in place? Does it include your influencers? 

8 Ways to Leverage Micro-influencer Marketing

By John Beresford January 30, 2017

Influencer marketing can be an incredibly powerful part of your marketing campaigns. You know..

What you can learn from Netflix's Marketing campaigns

By John Beresford January 10, 2017

Netflix is such an interesting company. It’s shown how resilient it can be, often pushing the..

Uncovering Your Brand Influencers

By John Beresford December 8, 2016


The first step in influencer marketing is uncovering who your brand influencers are, and who..

Social LITE Vodka - Case Study

By John Beresford November 15, 2016

Social LITE has created a vodka cooler that has no sugar, no sweetener, and no artificial..

Celebrities vs. Everyday Influencers

By John Beresford November 10, 2016

 A recent study discovered that brands are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer..


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